Developing Time – Pt. 1

I’ve seen A LOT of people debate whether or not time and feel is something that can be developed. Are some people just born with it? Are some just naturals at playing drums? Well, the answer to both of those questions, is a big fat NO! Time and feel are skills that can be developed just like any other aspect of your playing. Check out my new lesson below titled “Developing Time – Pt. 1”. This is a two-part lesson series that goes in depth on some of the exercises and concepts I practice daily to develop my own time and feel.

– Jason

Incorporating 5-Stroke Rolls into Grooves

Hey drum club! I’ve been working on a concept that I found while studying some of Johnny Rabb’s work. Johnny is such an innovator, and a monster behind the kit. One major focus of his is adding rolls to his grooves to add killer dynamic and textural changes to his playing. In the video below, you’ll see my take and interpretation on the concept of adding 5-stroke rolls to grooves. Now, back to the practice room… Enjoy!

– Jason


The Moving Click

Sometimes it isn’t what we hear that is the problem, but sometimes it’s what we don’t hear. Exploring space is a great way to reinforce your time playing and to help play an overall tighter groove. Check out my lesson below titled “The Moving Click”!